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Dove c’è Musica

Dove c’è Musica – Eros Ramazzotti Tribute Band

A vibrant combination of energy and emotion. This is the feeling while attending Eros Ramazzotti's live shows, now performed by Dove c'è Musica, the best and well-known Eros Ramazzotti tribute band.

Dove c'è Musica has always been considered by the public and professionals, the best tribute band of Eros Ramazzotti due to the very similar voice of the singer and for the accuracy of the arrangements. Reasons why it is the only band required not only in Italy but also abroad (Holland, Macedonia, Malta, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Slovakia and even in the US).
In this website you can find all the info about the band, gigs, latest news, photo galleries and live videos.
Enjoy the experience!

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